Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Super Quick Crazy Life Update

Things are absolutely crazy busy! I got a great job in January working for a great company Raytrans Trucking out of a little hub in Port Sanilac. My boss was awesome and I worked with the greatest bunch of people anyone could ever ask for but after only 6 months she is pushing me out of the nest!

LOL okay I volunteered to leap! Anyone who knows me, knows I did LOL! I am now becoming an Independent Trucker Advocate for a really great site built by a truly brilliant man whom I have also been working with for the last six months.

What do I do? That is easy I help people! I am placing truck drivers with companies. I use to do it. Someday it will be bigger than craigslist, in the trucking industry anyway! Big things are coming I am excited and school starts for our household (college and lower) again in a couple of weeks! I am taking Instruction Writing and yes I'm EXCITED!

Oh yeah and we moved again! A beautiful little house right near the lake in a fabulous little town that no doubt is going to give me plenty to write about... as soon as I have a second or two to write. There are still boxes to put away, things to organize and tons of things to do!

So, check out my twitter or my facebook and let me know if you know any great truckers or any great trucking companies that might need a bit of help growing.

Have a blessed day and do like I do... just put one foot in front of the other and trust that God is leading your way and clearing your path to the life that he wants you to have. Every adventure on the way is full of blessed and wonderful moments!