Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Accidents

On my very last day of working as a temporary secretary for Waste Management outside of Sandusky, back when the boys were young, I went to pick up the babysitter and on the way home I was involved in an accident.

I was driving down the dirt road and there were corn fields on all sides and no stop sign, so I didn't stop and clipped a car. We both went into different ditches and immediately got out worried about the other. The lady (I'll call her Dee)was so sweet all worried about me and upset. We started chatting waiting for the police officer to make the report.

Dee was a neighbor to my husband's parents and knew my husband. Everything was soon taken care of with the police officer and we went our own ways. I thought I'd probably never see her again.

Then about two months later I went to go check out a church down the road from our farm house and who spots me right off the bat and grabs my hand like an old friend to introduce me to everyone in the small church, yep, it was Dee. I was mortified and embarrassed. But, she made sure those feelings didn't last long. It was moments before that feeling was replaced by the love and warmth that she and all the people at the church were giving me.

It must be about 15 years later now and Dee is still one of my closest friends. We used to love introducing each other to new people. We'd say something like "Hey Tom, I'd like you to meet my good friend Dee. We actually met by accident, we crashed into one another and became the best of friends." Now that is a conversation starter.