Thursday, August 28, 2014

Divided but not Broken by Anything

Strength comes in numbers but true strength is found within. 

Someone famous probably said that but today it is on my mind since today is the first day of my new life adventure. I was reminded of that last night and have been several times throughout the years. One is not always a lonely number sometimes it is just right. It is sometimes a choice and sometimes just a happenstance but there are times in all of our lives when we find ourselves alone.

 I have been traveling from MI to FL since early Sunday morning. The picture below was a stretch of road in southern Indiana. Driving for days definitely gives a person time to think, unless you drive like I do which is with the music as loud as it goes singing along at the top of your lungs. Yes, I was hoarse and could barely talk each night on my trip but it was worth it.

So for all those that are wondering what in the heck is going on with us and why we are "Divided but not Broken by Anything" I will elaborate and fill you in on all my recent craziness.

First I FINALLY did it! Took my last class and passed it, as if there was any doubt. So soon my very hard earned and greatly sacrificed for $30+ thousand dollar piece of paper will be arriving at my door. My BA in Professional and Technical Writing with a minor in Business Administration. That got me thinking...

Wondering if the degree could put me in a different or better position as the position I had been hired into two years ago shifted and changed and turned into something that I really wasn't happy with and even though I was supposedly working for myself from home, I had no control over it. So, I started searching and investigating. Ha, you know me got to research, investigate and way over think each idea. Many people think I am impulsive and just leap into things but they don't realize that I research and consider each move for months and sometimes years, I just don't tell anyone while I'm doing that.

Next move for me would mean taking advantage of a great opportunity and stepping out a bit from my comfort zone. My comfort zone is my very tight night family unit, as a family unit I mean my husband and children, they are my best friends and closest confidants. Taking this new job in FL would mean leaving everyone and dividing my family up a bit for a short time. So, we discussed it and tried to work it out differently but it seems as if God has some lessons for me to learn in growing out of my comfort zone. I am ready to learn them and then snuggle back to where I belong.

Jim my fabulous husband is completely supportive and also decided to make a career move at the same time so that our absences coincide and then we would be able to be together again. He obtained his CDL-A and has started driving for a company. He will be out on the road pretty much nonstop for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Hopefully we will have a great home in FL and all be together waiting for him when he gets to have time off. Well, all except Jake who is staying in MI for a while.

So, although we are divided we are actually growing stronger together and not broken at all. Ah this is where another old adage fits in "Absence makes the heart grow stronger".  I have always found it to be true.

I have been in constant contact with everyone. Really, I LOVE this DIGITAL age it makes distance not so bad or hard for those of us who have to leave our families for a time.  So today I'm starting my house hunt got to keep my promise to the girls to bring them down before Thanksgiving. I'm also meeting my new boss for the first time for lunch. I will write more soon especially about the emotions of leaving everyone behind and the strength they are giving me, even though we are not together with their love and constant encouragement.

I'm very excited about the time this new position will allow me to write and do other things as it will not require me to work 24/7 as I have in the past. I already have titles and outlines for my next few posts so the plan is to get back to a regular posting schedule but this is me and irregularity usually wins over plans so although I am going to try and get a regular thing going, no promises yet but I'm putting it in my calendar. LOL