Monday, May 28, 2012

My Soft Hearted Son

My now eighteen year old son never ceases to be a source of both laughter and tears. Sometimes he is so funny I'll laugh till I cry and other times he is so sweet he brings tears to my eyes. He is definitely the most honest child I have ever met and loves, LOVES to talk. Okay now that you have a little background this story came about during the upper elementary years while we were still homeschooling and before the girls were born. So, he was 8 or 9 years old.

I love holidays all holidays big or small when I was first married I came up with some really creative ways to celebrate. Some were really sappy, especially on Valentines day. This particular year I had decided to do something special for the entire family but hoping that it would be meaningful and not just a candy holiday. So, while at the grocery store I purchased a small heart container of candy just a dollar each for the boys and a five dollar heart full of chocolates for my husband. Then I took my time, I really took my time, reading through Valentine's day cards in the store for them. Finally I picked one that seemed perfect for each and went on to purchase my supper items.

The rest of the day was spent in preparation for our special dinner when Jim came home. While the boys were doing their schoolwork I was busy with cleaning and cooking. Then when their dad got home I sent them all outside to the barn to do chores together while I put the finishing touches on supper and setting the table. They came in from chores to find a box of chocolates and a Valentine's Day card on each of their plates. They opened their cards and took turns reading them aloud and we had a fabulous beef roast for supper. Ah, but of course this story doesn't end there.

Years later I was helping him to clean his room and kind of pushing him to get rid of things since he is quite the little pack rat. I lifted his pillow and found a stash of twist ties, some papers and an envelope. We put the twist ties in a container on his night stand, and started deciding which of the papers could be thrown away and which ones needed to be saved. I opened the card and remembered but it had been several years, so I suggested we pitch the card. He immediately grabbed the card from my hand and the envelope too telling me as he gently put it away under his pillow. "Mom, we can't throw away my card. I read this card every night before I go to bed and it makes me feel good and have good dreams." In tears at how much my little Valentine's day card had meant to my wonderful soft-hearted son I agreed that the card should be kept.

Last week he graduated high school and soon him and Jake (his big brother) will be moving out together to a place of their own. I have the keys and will be helping them move so I'm thinking after we get his bed all made mom will have to slip a new card under each of their pillows telling them how proud I am of them both and how much I love them. It is a time of new adventures for all of us but we will always be a close family.