Monday, October 15, 2012

Strange Sitters to New Friends

Over the years I've held several different full or part-time jobs. It was difficult to keep a job when the boys were young because Jim's working construction meant he worked long hours till the job was done and then had time off in between jobs. Sitters want the kids there on a regular schedule which made it nearly impossible to keep a regular sitter for long. I had heard of a lady who babysat through a friend and she was great for a while but then I realized from talking to the boys that she was trying to get the boys to call her and her husband mom and dad.  So, I  put an add in the paper and met with a couple of people.

The lady that I decided to hire was great and we became good friends chatting before I left for work and after I got home. We even had her and her boyfriend over a few times for dinner and a game of cards. I felt much better knowing that she was at my home with my boys when I left for work. I learned that she was married but the marriage wasn't working out she had left him and her two teenage children before I met her.

It wasn't long before Jim's job was done and he was home for a few weeks. During this time she decided to go back to her family which left me without a sitter once again. She was still my good friend and since I was a stay-at-home mom again she invited me to come visit her and her family which lived a couple of hours away.

My fabulous husband has a knack for knowing when I need some time off from being mom. He suggested I go for the weekend and enjoy myself. I went for the weekend and had a great time it was the start of a great friendship and I went back several more weekends. We would rent sappy movies and drink wine coolers, relax together and talk. I needed those times when I wasn't mom for a day when I could just relax.

Eventually her teenage daughter came back with me and stayed for the week during the summer. We had lots of fun together. Our closeness brought joy to both families. We remained that way for some time, till they moved away.

Why do I share this story? God has blessed me with so many people in my life sometimes they were there to provide what I needed like in this story when I needed a friend and a break. Without family to provide these things I've had to rely on friends. Other times I have had people come into my life so that I can help them. This was a time that was a little of both.

Please leave a comment have you had a strange sitter? Have you met a stranger and instantly connected knowing that you were going to be great friends? Has your life been blessed by someone or have you been used to bless another? Please share or leave me a link to your story.