Friday, May 29, 2015

The Family Dogs

Meet the pack! We have had many dogs over the years but this little pack of pooches will always have a special place in my heart!

Maybe later I'll share each one of their special stories of how they came to be with us but this post is to share their unique pack or family unit.

We are now living in Florida. These pictures were from several years ago when we were living in Texas but they are favorites of mine so they serve the purpose of introducing my furry children to you. The oldest is a 60 lb Beagle mutt and yes she talks constantly like a beagle. The other two are mother and daughter. They don't look anything alike but the momma dog is a white 1/2 Yorkie and 1/2 Bichon Frise. The daughter is a mix from her and a 100% Yorkie. Of course each has their own special personality somewhat related to the breed and the rest came from them growing up in our crazy family.

Well behaved are not two words I would put together when describing our little pack.

Terrors, monsters, demons that are loud and nippy and overly excited by any little thing even members of the family walking into the living room can set them off into a barking frenzy. Don't get me wrong they are also sweet, cuddly, loving and extremely protective of everyone in the house even from each other. No one can hit anyone in the house even teasing playful hitting is not allowed in their presence.

So today I came home from work to hear the amazing story that the dogs were found laying in front of the open front door just laying there on the inside looking and watching intently out the door.

This was amazing to me because a few years back these same dogs would escape and be running down the road whenever we opened the door. Playing the I can't hear you calling while I'm sniffing and running away game.

The way this house is set up the living room has the seating positioned back to the front door. So today someone went outside and didn't quite get the front door closed when they came back inside. No one was sure how long the door was open but everyone was amazed at how the dogs were just quietly laying inside the doorway just staring out alert and on watch for possible intruders.

Not one of them stepped across the doorway and ran outside, there was no barking or whining, no outward warnings of any kind to alert the kids that the door was open. I can only guess at why they laid there so quietly just looking out the door.

My guess is that they were amazed that the door was open and afraid that if they made any noise someone might come and shut it which is what they eventually did.

What are your thoughts? Those of you who know my family and our little pack of beasts what are your thoughts?

Please feel free to comment and tell me your stories of how your dogs would act or things they have done.