Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Meeting

In honor of our 20th wedding anniversary in a couple days, I thought that I would share a few fun romantic stories over the next couple days.
I lived in Florida before I met my husband. So, one day I was just messing around with my friends at the beach like usual, and a guy friend of mine started talking about how he had a little girl in Michigan. I asked him why didn't he go see her since he missed her so much. He explained that he didn't have the money for the trip. I being the crazy nut that I was at that time said, I got some money let's go see her. So off to Michigan I went.

We arrived on Halloween. We pulled up at his friend's house who was expecting us so she threw a party. We walk through the door and just inside sitting on a chair was this very handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was holding a glass and the liquid inside that glass was a florescent green. Me being a curious soul walked right up to the handsome stranger and asked him, "What is that?" He handed it to me and said "It's a green monster, try it." So I did and we chatted. I found out his name was JIM and met a lot of other people there that evening also. What I didn't know was that a year and a half latter, we would be getting married.

Still my favorite mixed drink, 21 years later is the Green Monster. :-)

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