Saturday, September 22, 2012

Skinny dreams

I had a very strange and memorable dream last night. Maybe it could be blamed on my recent guilt over gaining back some of the weight that I worked so hard to lose. It was my own fault though because of some very poor and self indulgent choices. Maybe I should just blame the dream on watching to much sci-fi type shows lately with all the crazy things that happen on those shows.

Anyway, my dream was that my sister sent me an outfit. So, I was not happy that my pants were a little tight and opened the box that came in the mail from my sister. I knew she was sending me some clothes that she said would be just perfect but I had no idea what they were.

Inside the box was a tube top, a spaghetti strap tank that had lace sides and a small pair of shorts. The kind of shorts that were popular in the 80's. Now, if I were 16 again this may have been an outfit I would wear. Of course when I was 16 I wore a size 5 so an outfit like that would have looked good too. It should suffice to say that with 20 some years of marriage I'm not sixteen any more. After four kids and years of loving to cook and eat what I cook my size is definitely in the double digits.

Regardless of reality, in my dream I put on the outfit mostly out of curiosity and look in the mirror to see the younger version of my body that was skinny and I looked very good in that outfit. Thanks sis. LOL

 For some unknown reason, I was working in a restaurant. Although I didn't own the restaurant it felt as though someone close to me, like a family member, did own it and I was in a high position. I wore my new outfit to the restaurant and made lots of great tips that night. But, I woke up before the work evening was over. I was sad to be me again, but it was fun feeling proud of my body and flaunting it a bit like I did back in the day.

There is no moral to the story but I did have a smaller helping at dinner tonight and added a salad. So, although I'm not willing to starve myself, I am going to work on staying healthy. I'll never see a size 5 again but maybe someday I will feel like flaunting it a little again. It could happen. LOL

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